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Crystal Core Faux Pearls

Swarovski Pearl Bridal Hair Pins have a leaded crystal core which gives it a heavier feel and warms to the skin.

Set of 5 Hair Pins


also sold individually



Genuine Cultured Pearls

Freshwater Pearl Bridal Hair Pins have a nice luster, clean surface and satiny nacre.

Set of 5 Hair Pins


also sold individually

Why only two types of hair pins?

The classics never go out of style. Our Freshwater Pearl and Swarovski Pearl Solitaire Bridal Hair Pins have been best-sellers for over 20 years. Each hair pin is made by hand, with great attention to detail.


Let's talk about hair pins...

Wedding hair pins add to your flawless and memorable bridal ensemble. Beautifully made bridal hair pins and jewelry can make even the simplest wedding hair or updo appear more refined and polished. Bridal hair pins are the perfect accent to your wedding day ensemble and add a bit of intrigue and elegance to your hair.

Coordinate your hairpins with a matching solitaire necklace and earrings for a flawless bridal look. Incorporate our pearl or crystal strands along a french twist, into a braid, or wrap them around a bun to send your hair style to new heights. Our hair pins can be used many ways, line a set of them up along a french twist or add a set to the back of a hairstyle to make it even more beautiful. Do you love tiaras? Encircle a high bun with our pearl hair pins for a beautiful look.

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